What is a Running Belt?

What is a Running Belt?

The running belt has an array of associated names, ranging from exercise belt and jogging pouch, to running waist pack and running fanny pack. Essentially, a running belt is dedicated storage equipment for your smartphone and accessories to keep your hands free when exercising. Although termed a ‘running belt’, this can of course be worn for any type of activity, from running and walking to yoga and gym sessions. The following article details why the running belt is such a vital piece of kit, what it’s used for and how it works.

Whether you’re out pounding the pavements or at your local gym hammering another weights session, you will undoubtedly need to carry with you, a few key items. Of course, some of you will be entirely free of your worldly possessions, but others will need to carry phones, keys, gym cards and even an energy source of some description such as a running gel or dried fruit.

In particular, the majority of us need our smartphone with us so we can be contacted, listen to music or to use our fitness apps. But where do we store this? Gym kit doesn’t allow for a bulky iPhone 8 plus, along with other valuables and if we need to carry these items, a backpack is a stretch too far and somewhat cumbersome for the activity we’re undertaking.

old style armband

The running belt predecessor
The first product to market to store small accessories whilst exercising, was the running armband, which as the name suggests, is strapped to your arm whilst taking part in your exercise of choice. It holds a smartphone and so allows some of the same benefits as a running belt. You can sense a ‘but’ can’t you? The armband does allow some storage, however, naturally the arm width area isn’t as large as the waist width area and although you can carry your phone and perhaps a key, this is where the functionality of this piece of equipment ends.

In addition, it can be quite awkward to put on, with many using their chin to hold it in place while strapping it to the arm. During activity, it can also be rather cumbersome and can slip up and down the arm and feel quite uncomfortable to wear. And, let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than having to stop your exercise session, mid-flow, because of something you’re wearing! Finally, if you were to upgrade your phone, it could mean that your existing armband no longer fits and you have to purchase yet another item.

The benefits of the running belt
At Build & Fitness®, we believe (naturally) that in general, the running belt has many benefits over the traditional armband, with our range of belts offering the following:

1. Fits any type of smartphone Whatever your phone, the running belt will hold it effectively and even if you upgrade your phone in a matter of days, you won’t have to upgrade your belt as well, because it will comfortably fit any smartphone on the market.

2. Fits various accessories One continuous inner tube with four openings, means quick and easy access to your personal items, including your smartphone (fits phones; iPhone 6,7,8 plus, XS, Samsung S7, S8, S9, Note 8, Huawei, and many more as well as MP3 players), IDs, Keys, Money, Cards., keys, cards and sustenance.

3. Easy to put on Unlike the running armband, the running belt is quick and easy to secure. It has a snug fit to the body therefore bounce is eliminated during exercise.

4. Size options We’re all different shapes and sizes and the Build & Fitness® running belt comes in an array of sizes, including extra-small, small, medium, large, extra-large and some adjustable versions.

5. Stretchy Premium quality, smooth and comfortable fabric. Machine washable and quick drying. It’s also weather-resistant, lightweight and durable.

6. Versatile use Can be used for any type of activity including running, hiking, gym workouts, cycling, climbing and even general travel.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using a running belt which gives you a dedicated storage option and keeps your hands free while running or whilst undertaking any kind of exercise. It’s far more than just a fashion statement and enables you to keep your accessories safe and minimise bounce with our intuitive design.

If you would like to take a look at our range of running belts which come in a variety of styles, sizes and colours, you can purchase on our website or visit our Amazon store. Alternatively, if you have any questions about our product, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: info@buildandfitness.co.uk 

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