The greatest running races in the world

The greatest running races in the world

We don’t know about you, but each and every year the London Marathon motivates us. It’s awe inspiring watching people from all over the country, even the world, with different backgrounds and different abilities and often with deep rooted reasons for running such a gruelling race. We can’t even imagine how mind-blowing the atmosphere is, let alone how it must feel to be part of it.

Beyond its health and mental benefits, running is a great way to socialise, compete and also see the world. So, while the nation is feeling enthused to run and get fit from both the big race and with the summer months nearly upon us, we thought we’d feature an article showing what we believe to be some of the greatest running races in the world!

Marathon of the midnight – Norway
The worlds northernmost race and what a backdrop, located in the Arctic Circle where the sun never sets during the summer months. As the name suggests, this run will have you running in the midnight sun. 
You will start and finish in the city centre. After 2K you'll be crossing The Bridge of Tromsø, which rises up to 43 meters over sea level with stunning views of the Arctic Cathedral with cascading mountains as an unimaginable backdrop.

The Big Five Marathon
The Big Five Marathon is the marathon runner’s highest achievement, situated on the Savannah’s of South Africa. The race gets its name from the famous animals of Africa, namely the big five: The lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo. T
he course of The Big Five Marathon runs through the private game reserve Entabeni. Prepare to immerse yourself into one of nature’s most incredible environments as you actually run through lion territory.

Niagara Falls marathon
Beginning in the US city of Buffalo and ending at the edge of the falls in Canada, this run has been voted one of the most scenic courses in the world. It’s one of the only races in the world which starts in one country and finishes in another. In fact, you actually have to show your passport at the start of the race to enter! You also get to see the falls twice along the way for an extra wow factor.

Mount Everest marathon
The world’s highest marathon starts close to base camp, criss-crossing the high Sherpa trails of Khumbu Valley, with truly wonderful surroundings and views of the Himalayan landscape. The
Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon is not just a running event - it is truly a once in a lifetime experience. 

Two Oceans Marathon, South Africa
Claiming to be the most beautiful ultra-marathon in the world, this race is a whopping 35 miles around the coast of Cape Town. The name obviously comes from the fact that participants run along both the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. Arguably, the highlight of the race is Chapman’s peak, a mountain on the western side of the cape peninsula.

Number-wise, this is the biggest race on the planet, attracting more than 80,000 runners over the last few years. The course itself is fantastic, beginning in Sydney’s Hyde Park, taking you through city neighbourhoods such as Kings Cross to the waterfronts of Double Bay and Rose Bay and then on to the Pacific coast and a finish at the iconic surf of Bondi Beach.

North pole marathon
The North pole marathon is run over hard snow or the frozen ice of the Arctic Ocean and what an adventure it is as you’re helicoptered in to run your 26 miles on a frozen sheet of ice which stretches only 12 feet down before the immense depths of the Arctic Ocean below. You will also lack supporters and landmarks along the route which is different to any other marathon in the world. And remember it’s also about facing the elements in the southernmost marathon in the world.

Inca Trail Marathon
The Inca trail and Machu Picchu are on many people’s bucket lists but can you imagine completing a marathon at the same time as realising this dream? Dubbed as the most difficult marathon in the world, it follows exactly the same trail as the Inca trail
and peaks at Dead Woman’s Pass – Warmiwanusqa – around 13,800 feet, then plunges quickly to 11,800 feet, then quickly back up to 13,000 feet. After that it’s basically downhill to the finish – around 8,000 feet.

We’ve only covered a handful of different races around the world - There are dozens of marathons and different races we could cover which take place all around the world in absolutely stunning settings. So if you have a taste for running and fancy your chances at a PB, why not explore the word whilst achieving your goals. And, if you need some supporting equipment along the way, why don’t you take a look at our running belts and microfibre towels by visiting our website or Amazon store.

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