Microfibre towels - What are they and what are their uses?

Microfibre towels - What are they and what are their uses?

Cotton tends to be our ‘go to’ material when buying towels for home-use, holiday-use or for wiping a sweaty brow in the gym. And so, you may never have thought about using a different type of towel. However, due to advances in fabric technology, microfibre towels have some clear advantages over their cotton counterparts.

Essentially, they have four main benefits, including:

  • Super absorbent: They absorb more water than cotton, in fact they absorb 4 times more water than your standard towel. However, they are half the weight of your standard towel.
  • Fast drying: They in fact, dry 10 x faster than a cotton towel and can carry 4 x its weight in water.
  • Lightweight & compact: They take up 5 x less space and are much lighter than standard towels, which means they take up less space on your travels and of course in the washing machine and dryer.
  • Multiple use: You can use over and over without odour or hygiene issues due to anti-bacterial treatment.

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Multipurpose use
Microfibre towels have many uses, from exercise, beach visits, hiking and camping. Because of their compact size and quick drying properties, microfibre towels are a fantastic option if you want to save space and make full use of the benefits stated above. Just think of the space you’d save for a family of four going on holiday, normally taking 4 large beach towels. That’s a huge amount of space saved in any suitcase.

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How do they work?
Basically, they have a large number of fibers, approximately 200,000 per inch of fabric, which are a lot smaller in size than a cotton towel. And, what this means is that they can absorb and release water easier than conventional towels.

Build & Fitness® range
We stock a variety of different colours of our standard microfibre towel, including blue, grey, pink and purple. Our large towels are 130cm x 80cm, fantastic for swimming, beach use and travel and designed to cover you properly, with our medium-sized towels measuring in at 100cm x 50cm, great for gym use and hiking specifically. They each come in a branded mesh carry bag with hanging loop for easy and convenient drying and packing.

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They are made from soft-touch, brushed fabric and all of our towels come with a satisfaction guarantee. If you opt for cheaper brands, it’s likely that you will feel that the towel is sticking to you, however, our towels glide smoothly over your skin, effectively completing the job in hand.

If you would like to take a look at our range of microfibre towels, why not take a closer look here on our websiteor, visit our Amazon store.

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